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How We Help You Create and Design Your Startup Pitch Deck

Our Pitch Deck Crafting service is designed to help you secure funding for your startup. To attract investors and VCs, you need a clear, compelling, and informative pitch deck. We'll ensure your pitch deck provides accurate details about your business and keeps investors engaged.

Our service includes:

Reviewing your existing pitch deck

Redesigning or editing your current pitch deck

Creating a pitch deck from scratch

This service is part of our Raise Capital and Idea to Market Service. Let us help you make a strong impression on potential investors!

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Our Pitch Deck creation and review services are a key feature of our Raise Capital packages. We help startups and entrepreneurs create and refine pitch decks to effectively present their business ideas to potential investors or partners. A pitch deck is a crucial tool for showcasing your startup or business venture. With our professional guidance and feedback, you can enhance your pitch deck to make a stronger impression, boosting your chances of securing investments or partnerships.

How to Get Our Pitch Deck Service

Getting our Pitch Deck service is easy and straightforward. Here’s how it works:

Initial Submission

First, submit your pitch deck and information to Leaders Dimension through the brief online form above. This quick and simple process ensures we receive everything we need to start our assessment.

Assessment and Discussions

Our team of experts will thoroughly review your pitch deck, analyzing its content, design, structure, and overall presentation. We’ll ensure it effectively communicates your startup’s value proposition to your target audience. This detailed evaluation may take a few days.


What We Offer

Our services vary based on the package you choose, but they all include:

Comprehensive Feedback and Recommendations

After the assessment, we provide a detailed report highlighting your pitch deck’s strengths and weaknesses. This report includes specific suggestions for improvement, helping you refine your pitch deck to maximize its impact.

Iterative Process and Follow-up

Refining a pitch deck is an iterative process. Based on your chosen package, you’ll receive several rounds of feedback and revisions. Our team remains available for follow-up discussions to ensure you understand and implement our recommendations effectively.

Research and Analysis

We conduct thorough research on industry trends, competitors, and your target market to ensure your pitch deck addresses key investor concerns.

Building an Outline

We create a detailed outline for your pitch deck, ensuring a clear and logical structure that guides your presentation effectively.

Content Creation

Our team crafts engaging and persuasive content, highlighting your value proposition, revenue model, market analysis, competitive advantage, and business strategy. We also emphasize your achievements and expertise to build investor confidence.

Design and Visuals

Our designers create a visually appealing presentation, using the right color schemes, fonts, images, and graphics to enhance your pitch deck and make it stand out.

Review and Refinement

We review the initial draft of your pitch deck, collect your feedback, and make necessary revisions. This process continues until you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

Finalizing and Delivery

Once finalized, we deliver your pitch deck in multiple formats (PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote), ensuring you’re ready to present it confidently to potential investors.

With our Pitch Deck services, you’ll have a professional, compelling presentation tailored to showcase your startup’s potential and attract the right investors.

Our Packages



  • In-depth reports from investors and experts
  • Dedicated team to review and enhance your content
  • Content review and editing
  • Identifying and filling data gaps
  • Pitch deck design review
  • Investor-focused deck review
  • Quick, actionable improvement tips



  • Revitalize your pitch deck with a fresh design!
  • Top-notch designs and images
  • Stunning themes, fonts, and icons
  • Organizing slides professionally and effectively
  • Flawless presentations
  • Tailored designs crafted just for you
  • Polished slide designs



  • Craft a captivating pitch deck from the ground up
  • Eye-catching and original designs
  • Complete and thorough presentations
  • Vetted by investors and experts
  • Deep grasp of your narrative and message
  • Compelling presentation for your vision and case
  • Assistance with crafting content

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