Lender NBFC

  • 16 March 2024

Lender NBFC

Non-banking financial companies are the financial institutions which provide banking related services without a banking license. These companies provide services like loans and credit facilities, retirement planning, money markets, underwriting, portfolio management, mergers & acquisitions and credit rating.

NBFCs are registered under the Companies Act, 1956 of India. The Reserve Bank of India overlooks the operations of NBFCs according to the RBI Act, 1934. The venture capitalist, retail and industrial companies are also venturing into lending business as NBFCs

If you are scouting for lending options for your business then NBFC is the right one. Let’s see why:


Small businesses preferred banks for their lending needs but now the time has changed. The services offered by NBFCs are way better than others so small businesses prefer this mode of lending. Let's see the advantages of taking business loan from NBFCs:

  • There is no need to put collateral in exchange for the business loan.
  • There is no strict eligibility criterion for a business loan application like banks have. Even businesses with poor credit history can apply for a loan.
  • The documentation is minimal and they provide quicker loan disbursement facilities.
  • The interest rate is less than what other lenders charge.

Why Leaders Dimension?

The main challenge that small businesses face is finding the suitable NBFC which agrees to lend the money. Leaders Dimension understands this issue and brings the right solution for you. This platform offers an opportunity to both the NBFC firms and the businesses to meet at a common place and fulfill their needs. The NBFC firms are registered here and scouting for business opportunities like yours. You can connect with NBFC firm for lending purposes from all over India. Register now to know more. If you have queries then contact us.

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