Every Second Counts: The Nas Daily Success Chronicle

Every Second Counts: The Nas Daily Success Chronicle

Today's technology gives us the confidence to pursue any monetizable activity of our choice. The only thing required was an idea, careful planning, and execution. Even activities such as gaming, blogging, and vlogging are good platforms to profit from. Prior to technology improvements, they were not even on the financial map.

Nas Daily is a video blogger who started sharing his one- to three-minute movies on Facebook every day.Nas Daily is the result of its founder, Nuseir Yassin, passion for travel. He quit his well-paying job to explore the world in 2016.

He always signed off with "That's one minute, see you tomorrow". He travels the world, telling stories from his point of view in whichever country or city he is in. He is not your typical travel blogger who simply posts about how amazing destinations are; his content is not of that nature. Instead, he learns more about the country. He focuses on the people, such as how they live, what makes them special, the culture, and the issues facing the country/city.

Nas began as a vlogging page on various social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It gained popularity after its inventor, Nuseir Yassin, took on the goal of creating one-minute videos for 1000 days.He traversed the world to make Nas Daily vlogs more engaging and entertaining for his fans. The project's popularity helped Nas Daily establish itself as a brand. Nas Daily has two locations in Dubai and Singapore and works under two more brands: Nas Academy and Nas Studios.

Nas Daily began with a goal of creating and posting 1000 one-minute films in 1000 days. After doing this, the organization expanded its aim to "Leave a positive mark on the world."

The team's goal is not just to create entertaining videos, but to inspire and teach positive ideals to future generations. Nas Daily is confident in what it does. Its mission is to enlighten young people around the world via storytelling.

Nas Daily - Growth and Revenue

Nas Daily's initial business concept was to post videos on a daily basis across many social media channels. The 1000 one-minute video challenge was a watershed moment in its progress. Even before completing the task, the company began to generate revenue. Nas Daily estimated an average monthly earnings of around $40,000 from gigs, Facebook and YouTube ads, and other brand collaborations.

Nas Daily entered the video-producing market with the launch of Nas Studios. It creates high-quality and unique materials for its customers. Nas Studios' revenue is produced by the production and sale of various video products. It usually charges between $10,000 to $70,000 for a single video creation. Nas Academy provides training videos and accelerator programs to help creators maximize their creativity.

He founded Nas Academy, a firm dedicated to teaching innovators the art of creativity and social media management. Within a year of its launch, Nas Academy has created 2 lakh creators and 15 million followers.Nas Studios is another part of Nas Daily that was founded on the 1001st day, immediately following the conclusion of the one-minute video campaign. It creates unique films and other content for clients. Nas Studios' goods have had over 20 billion views across 17 languages. The company has set up offices in Singapore and Dubai.

Nas Daily Investors and Funding Round

Nuseir Yassin funded his initial travel spending with his income from a Russian media company. As a result, Nas Daily got its initial finance only in 2021. On June 19, 2021, it completed a Seed Round of investment, receiving an undisclosed amount from the US-based venture capital firm 500 Startups.Nas Academy, which launched in 2020, went through two fundraising rounds. 

Many investors expressed an interest in joining in these two investment rounds. The Series A round, headed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, took place on July 13, 2021, and the startup raised $11 million to expand its CreatorTech business. 14 investors made investments, including 500 Startups, Graph Ventures, and Ride Ventures.

Another investment round was held on July 26, 2022, with $12 million invested in Nas Academy. BECO Capital and Pitango Venture Capital led this round, which also included participation from Jack Conte, FTX Ventures, and HOF Capital.

  • 21 April 2024

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